Quantcast Figure 3-2. Fuel tank and canopy installation

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TM 9-1550-416-14&P
Receiver and servo/battery group are shipped al-
When utilizing epoxy to attach compo-
ready installed in the fuselage. Do not remove.
nents, apply only to mating surfaces.
(1) Place fuselage on a work table or flat
Epoxy can be removed from the skin surface be-
(2) Install fuel tank. (See fig. 3-2.) Place the
fore or after it sets. In areas where hair is
fuel tank in the cavity behind the engine mount-
present, it is desirable to remove epoxy before it
ing plate. Do not force it down into the cavity.
sets. Before it sets, remove by using soap, water
Route the pressure line through the slot provided
and a cloth. After it sets, remove by peeling.
in the side of the fuselage opposite the throttle
Epoxy mixing instructions are on the epoxy con-
(3) Attach canopy. (see fig. 3-2.) Insert can-
e. Perform the assembly procedures for the
opy on top of fuselage. Secure with four rubber
FQM-117B-1 as follows:
bands. Ensure that it does not pinch the lines.
Figure 3-2. Fuel tank and canopy installation.
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