Quantcast Figure 3-3. Horizontal stabilizer/elevator installation

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TM 9-1550-416-14&P
(5) Attach vertical stabilizer. (See fig. 3-4.)
(4) Attach horizontal stabilizer/elevator. (See
Epoxy vertical stabilizer to top-rear of fuselage
fig. 3-3.) Epoxy horizontal stabilizer/elevator to
assembly using approximately 1 ounce of epoxy.
the rear of the fuselage using approximately 1
Hold in position until epoxy has set. Ensure that
ounce of epoxy. Ensure that the horizontal stabi-
no epoxy gets into the elevator pushrod slot.
lizer is fully seated in the fuselage cavities.
Figure 3-4. Vertical stabilizer installation.
Figure 3-3. Horizontal stabilizer/elevator installation.

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