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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
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WARRANTY - Continued
3. Coverages-Specific (cont).
b. Pass-Through, S&S Extended, and Ohio Casting Warranties. Take advantage of coverage
provided by the Contractor and their vendors. The Pass-Through Warranty is provided by the vendor in
Table 1. Supplier Summary Section, but will be administered by TVSLP through your local WARCO. The
S&S Extended Warranty, in Table 2. S&S Extended Summary Section, and Ohio Casting Warranty
described in paragraph 6, are supplied by TVSLP through your local WARCO. To obtain services for S&S
Extended, Pass-Through, or Ohio Casting Warranties, your local WARCO simply contacts TVSLP at 1-
800-221-3688, asks for the Warranty Department, or goes to their website at
www.tvsonlinesupport.com and provides the following information:
Equipment S/N
Defective Component P/N
Description of the Defect
Component Serial No. or Date Code, if available
Person to Contact on the Request for Warranty to include telephone, fax number and shipping
address. This information can be sent by your local WARCO through the TVSLP website at
www.tvsonlinesupport.com, or via electronic mail (tvswarranty@ssss.com) utilizing DA Form
c. Warranty Start Dates. Information to determine the Pass-Through Warranty start date for
Michelin is listed later in this section. Ohio Casting Warranty starts at DD250 date. For S&S Extended
Warranty, your local WARCO simply contacts TVSLP online at www.tvsonlinesupport.com, or 1-800-221-
3688, asks for the Warranty Department, and provides the information in 3.b. At this time, TVSLP will
obtain the Warranty Start Date and notify the Government if the warranty has expired.
4. Pass-Through Warranty. FMTV Serial Numbers through 099999
Table 1. Supplier Summary Section
Government Part No.
Government Description
Tire, Pneumatic, Vehicular
1) Warranty Period. 5 years from the date of manufacture of the tire or the life of the original
usable tread down to 2/32nds of and inch of tread remaining.
2) Coverage. User must pay for the cost of a new tire on a pro-rata basis calculated by
multiplying the current negotiated TACOM replacement price or the Government Open Market price,
whichever is applicable, by the percentage of usable tread. This does not include any mounting,
balancing or other charges.
3) Procedure. ALL CONUS claims must be addressed through the Michelin Government Sales
Department at 1-800-TIRE-HELP. ALL OCONUS claims must be forwarded to Stewart & Stevenson,
TVS Division for processing through Michelin's 1-800-TIRE-HELP line.
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