Quantcast overnment Responsibilities (cont)

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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
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WARRANTY Continued
8. Government Responsibilities (cont).
c. Supporting repair facility will:
Identify defects/failures as warrantable (if owning unit has not already identified them). Verify
defects/failures are warrantable.
Review, process, and submit valid warranty claims to the local WARCO if the DA Form 2407 and DA
Form 2407-1 are complete and correctly filled out.
Reject invalid warranty claims or request additional information for incomplete and incorrect claims.
Coordinate with the owning unit to correct the warrantable defect/failure.
Provide labor required to accomplish the repairs.
Tag and retain (in accordance with DA PAM 738-750 The Army Maintenance Management System
(TAMMS)) all parts, pieces or parts and/or assemblies removed as a result of warrantable
defect/failure and/or correction.
d. Local WARCO will:
Verify, administer, and process warranty claims to the TACOM WARCO (in accordance with DA PAM
738-750 The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS)).
Act as a liaison with the owning unit, the Contractor, supporting repair facility, and TACOM.
Notify the owning units of all warranty claim acknowledgments/closeouts, information and/or
instructions received from TACOM or the Contractor.
Act as a liaison between local dealers and the Army.
e. Alterations/Modifications. Alterations/modifications shall not be applied unless authorized by
9. Claim Procedures.
a. The procedures for reporting warranty claims are found in DA PAM 738-750 The Army Maintenance
Management System (TAMMS) and this Work Package. Responsibilities of the Major Army Command
(MACOM) are found in AR 700-139 Army Warranty Program, Concepts and Policies. Units should use
DA Form 2407 and DA Form 2407-1 for making warranty claims. It is very important to fill in the blocks
on the forms as accurately as possible.
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