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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
0001 00
WARRANTY - Continued
Reimbursement. A written provision in this warranty in which the Using/Support Unit requests
replacement parts from the Contractor to make the necessary repairs, and the Government will be
reimbursed for the labor required to correct or repair the end item.
Repair. A maintenance action required to restore an item to serviceable condition without affecting the
Supplies. All assemblies, subassemblies, and down parts to the lowest level that comprise an end item.
WARCO. Serves as the intermediary between the troops owning the equipment and the local dealer,
Contractor, or manufacturer. All warranty claim actions will be processed through the WARCO.
Warranty. A written agreement between the Contractor and the Government which outlines the rights
and obligations of both parties for defective supplies.
Warranty Claim. Action started by the equipment user for authorized warranty repair or
Warranty Expiration Date. The date the warranty is no longer valid. The Pass-Through warranty
expiration date and the Material and Workmanship warranty expiration date are not the same. The
Material and Workmanship Warranty expires 24 months after the Government Acceptance Date. Ohio
Casting parts described in paragraph 6 expire 60 months after DD250 date.
Warranty Period. Time during which the warranty is in effect. Normally measured as the maximum
number of years, months, days, miles, or hours used.
Warranty Start Date. The date the warranty is put into effect.
3. Coverages-Specific. The FMTV trailer, serial numbers 200001 through 299999, have a Material and
Workmanship and a Pass-Through Warranty which is a Vendor's (Michelin) Commercial Warranty, as well as
Ohio Casting Warranty described in paragraph 6, , that are administered by Stewart & Stevenson Tactical
Vehicle Systems, LP (TVSLP). The item identified in Table 1. Supplier Summary Section has a Pass-Through
Warranty available. Regardless of the Pass-Through Warranty, all items may be warranted by TVSLP under
the 24 month Material and Workmanship Warranty which covers parts and labor for claims having a total
value of $300.00 or more. Ohio Casting Warranty described in paragraph 6, begins with DD250 date. To find
out if the Pass-Through Warranty for the item listed in Table 1. Supplier Summary Section, the Material and
Workmanship Warranty, or Ohio Casting Warranty as described in paragraph 6, are still in effect, simply
contact your local WARCO. Your local WARCO can inquiry TVSLP's website (www.tvsonlinesupport.com) or
contact TVSLP at 1-800-221-3688, and ask for the Warranty Department. The Warranty Department will need
the information in paragraph 3.b. to determine if the warranty is still in effect. This Technical Bulletin, Section
II, applies to the equipment listed. The items are manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson Tactical Vehicle
Systems, LP (TVSLP) under contract number DAAE07-03-C-S023. Inquiries to TVSLP can be made by calling
1-800-221-3688 or visiting their website at www.tvsonlinesupport.com. These are the M1082 and M1095
series models and the National Stock Numbers (NSN) for each:
0001 00-12


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