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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
0001 00
WARRANTY - Continued
c. Warranty Start Dates (Cont).
For Pass-Through, Material and Workmanship, or Ohio Casting Warranty, your local WARCO
contacts TVSLP through their website (www.tvsonlinesupport.com) or calls 1-800-221-3688,
asks for the Warranty Department, and provides the information in paragraph 3.b. TVSLP will
obtain the warranty start date and notify the Government if the warranty period has expired.
4. Material and Workmanship Warranties.
a. Warranty Period. The warranty period for the Material and Workmanship Warranty is 24 months and
begins with hand off to the unit as evidenced by the unit's hand receipt or property book.
b. Coverage. The Material and Workmanship Warranty covers the complete equipment, parts and labor,
excluding those items identified in paragraph 3.a. No warranty claims will be submitted for less than
$300.00 total value, parts and labor.
c. Procedure. The unit will submit a DA Form 2407 or DA Form 5504 to their local WARCO for submittal
to TVSLP for warranty consideration. Upon claim approval, TVSLP will begin appropriate repair action
as identified by the warranty claim.
5. Pass-Through Warranties. FMTV Serial Numbers 200001 through 299999
Table 1. Supplier Summary Section
2610-01-356-9098 Tire, Pneumatic
1. Warranty Period. The warranty is 5 years from the date of tire manufacture, or the life of
the original usable tread down to 2/32nds of an inch of tread remaining. The date of
manufacture is determined from the "DOT" number on the lower side above the bead. It will
end in "X" and 4 numerics. The numerics represent the week and year of manufacture (i.e.,
"4804" = 48th week of 2004)
2. Coverage. The user must pay for the cost of a new tire on a pro-rata basis calculated by
multiplying the current negotiated TACOM replacement price or the Government Open Market
price, whichever is applicable, by the percentage of usable tread. This warranty does not
include any mounting, balancing or other charges.
3. Procedure. Unit will submit a DA Form 2407 or DA Form 5504 to their WARCO for
warranty consideration. During the first 2 years of vehicle warranty, the WARCO will address
all claims to TVSLP under the Material and Workmanship Warranty. Upon expiration of the
Material and Workmanship Warranty, the WARCO will address all claims to the Michelin
Government Sales Department at webtruck@us.michelin.com.
0001 00-14


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