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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
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WARRANTY - Continued
Depending upon which repair option was selected (Government or Contractor repair), provide
labor and Contractor furnished parts to accomplish the warrantable repairs.
Tag and retain (in accordance with DA PAM 738-750 The Army Maintenance Management System
(TAMMS) and this Technical Bulletin) all parts, pieces or parts and/or assemblies removed as a
result of warrantable defect/failure and/or correction.
d. Local WARCO will:
Verify, administer, and process warranty claims to the TACOM WARCO (in accordance with DA
PAM 738-750 The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) and this Technical Bulletin).
Act as a liaison with the owning unit, the Contractor, supporting repair facility, and TACOM.
Notify the owning units of all warranty claim acknowledgements/closeouts, information and/or
instructions received from TACOM or the Contractor.
Act as a liaison between local dealers and the Army.
e. Alterations/Modifications. Alterations/modifications shall not be applied unless authorized by
9. Claim Procedures.
a. The procedures for reporting warranty claims are found in DA PAM 738-750 The Army Maintenance
Management System (TAMMS) and this Work Package. Responsibilities of the Major Army Command
(MACOM) are found in AR 700-139 Army Warranty Program, Concepts and Policies. Units should use
DA Form 2407 or DA Form 5504 for making warranty claims. It is very important to fill in the blocks on
the forms as accurately as possible.
b. The Contractor may be notified in writing via their website, (www.tvsonlinesupport.com), electronic
mail (tvswarranty@ssss.com), or telephonically (1-800-221-3688), followed up in writing by DA Form
2407 or DA Form 5504 from the local WARCO following the discovery of a defect in supplies which
requires Contractor/Vendor repair and/or replacement parts. This shall constitute formal notification of
a warranty claim. The notification shall include all items identified in paragraph 3.b of this Technical
Bulletin. At this time, the Contractor will further be informed whether the owning unit has elected: (1)
to correct the defect themselves or; (2) to direct the Contractor to correct the defect. Upon completion
of Contractor/Vendor repair, forward completed warranty claims (Information Only) to TACOM.
Additionally, the local WARCO will forward claims to TACOM utilizing DA Form 2407 or DA Form 5504
for any warrantable repairs accomplished by the owning unit which requires Contractor reimbursement
to the Government.
c. The Contractor shall reimburse the Government for the cost of labor involved in the Government
correction of a defect. The cost of labor involved will be computed at the current Fiscal Years labor rate
for the maintenance level identified in the Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC) multiplied by the number
of actual hours incurred, not to exceed the labor hours in the MAC. The Contractor shall ship
replacement parts for Government correction in accordance with paragraph 7.a.
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