Quantcast Reimbursement for Army Repair

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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
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WARRANTY - Continued
d. Identification of Failed Items. Failed warranty items shall be tagged/identified to prevent
improper repair or use and must identify the trailer serial number from the trailer which they were
removed. Documents that describe the use of DA Form 2402 Exchange Tag and DA Form 2407
Maintenance Request shall be referenced. Items requiring special handling, storage or shipment during
the processing of claims shall be identified.
e. Disposition. The repair activity shall return defective supplies to the Contractor's representative
or ship them back at the Contractor's expense using the replacement part carton/container.
f. Invalid Warranty Claims. When supplies are inspected by the Contractor/Vendor and found to
be non-warrantable, or the supplies are found to be serviceable, the repair activity submitting the
claim will be required to make reimbursement for Contractor/Vendor services. Additionally, regarding
Contractor/Vendor repair, the local WARCO must stipulate at the time of request for services that
either non-warranty work be stopped at the time it is determined non-warrantable or be prepared to
pay for completion of such work. In either case, the WARCO must be prepared to pay for diagnosis
and trip charges for non-warranty service.
g. Air Force Warranty Claims. Air Force warranty claims shall be submitted as follows:
For letter warranty claims:
225 Ocmulgee Ct
Robbins AFB, GA 31098-1647
DSN 468-7161
COML (912) 926-7126
For teletype warranty claims:
10. Reimbursement for Army Repair. The Contractor shall remit payment by the fifteenth (15) day of
the month for all warrantable claims by the Government for reimbursement which were received by the
Contractor in the previous month. Payment shall be sent to the PM, MTV, Attn: Business Management
Office, with checks made payable to "The Treasurer of the United States". In the event that the repair
activity should receive any reimbursement from the Contractor, the monies must be forwarded to the PM,
11. Claim Denials/Disputes. TACOM will handle all denials or disputes.
12. Reporting. Reporting or recording action on a failed item shall be as specified in DA PAM 738-750
The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS). Forms that are unique to the Contractor or Repair
Activity shall not be used.
13. Storage/Shipment/Handling.
a. Storage. See paragraphs 2, 3.a, 3.c, 5.a and TM Care and Storage Requirements for the Trailer.
b. Shipment. See paragraphs 3.a, 7.a, 7.c, 8.b, 8.c, 9.d, and 9.e.
c. Handling. See paragraphs 3.a, 7.a, 7.c, 8.b, 8.c, 9.d, and 9.e.
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