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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
The malfunction/symptom index (WP 0027 00, Malfunctions/Symptom Index) is a quick reference index
for finding Operator troubleshooting procedures. Associated with each symptom name is a work package
sequence number representing the starting point in a troubleshooting sequence. Should any one
symptom require more than one troubleshooting sequence to arrive at the most likely area of
investigation, the additional starting point numbers are presented.
As the troubleshooting activity progresses through to the conclusion of a particular sequence, a reference
is made to the next logical troubleshooting sequence by work package sequence number, or by referring
to the malfunction/symptom index to locate the next failure symptom work package. This type of activity
continues until successful fault isolation is achieved.
The troubleshooting work packages contain tables listing the malfunctions, tests or inspections, and
corrective action required to return the trailer to normal operation. Perform the steps in the order they
appear in the tables.
Each work package is headed by an initial setup. This setup outlines what is needed as well as certain
conditions which must be met before starting the task. DON'T START UP A TASK UNTIL:
You understand the task.
You understand what you are to do.
You understand what is needed to do the work.
You have the things you need.
This manual cannot list all malfunctions that may occur, or all tests or inspections and corrective actions.
If a malfunction is not listed or is not corrected by listed corrective actions, notify Field Level
0026 00-1/2 Blank


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