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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
0042 00
General - Continued
Pay attention to WARNING and CAUTION statements. A WARNING means someone could be hurt. A
CAUTION means equipment could be damaged.
Before you begin operating the trailer and/or its equipment, do Before PMCS.
During operation, do During PMCS.
After operation, do After PMCS.
Once a week do Weekly PMCS. If trailer has not been operated in a week, also do Before PMCS at the
same time.
Do Monthly PMCS once a month. If trailer has not been operated in a month, also do After PMCS at the
same time.
Field Level Maintenance performs SEMIANNUAL PMCS once every six months.
Field Level Maintenance performs ANNUAL PMCS once every 12 months.
If you are operating the trailer for the first time, do your Weekly and Monthly PMCS the first time you do
your Before PMCS.
If you find something wrong when performing PMCS, fix it if you can, using troubleshooting procedures
and/or maintenance procedures.
The right-hand column of the PMCS table lists conditions that make the trailer Not Fully Mission Capable.
Write up items not fixed on DA Form 2404 for Field Level Maintenance. For further information on how to
use this form, see DA PAM 738-750.
Explanation Of Table Entries
Item Number Column. Numbers in this column are for reference. When completing DA Form 2404
(Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet), include the Item Number for the Check/Service
indicating a fault. Item Numbers also appear in the order that you must perform Checks and Services for
the intervals listed.
Interval Column. This column tells you when you must perform the procedure in the procedure column.
BEFORE procedures must be performed before you operate or use the trailer. DURING procedures must be
performed during operation of the trailer. AFTER procedures must be performed immediately after you
have operated the trailer. WEEKLY procedures must be performed every seven days. MONTHLY
procedures must be performed approximately every 30 days. SEMIANNUAL procedures must be performed
every six months. ANNUAL procedures must be performed every 12 months.
Man-hour Column. This column describes the number of man-hours required to complete all prescribed
lubrication service. It is stated to the nearest tenth of an hour.
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