Quantcast ADJUSTMENT - Continued - TM-9-2330-394-13-P0724

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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
0055 00
ADJUSTMENT - Continued
Wheel drum clearance must be checked along centerline of brake shoe at scallop.
Failure to comply may result in damage to equipment.
Record the number of clicks as adjusting screw is loosened. All adjustments on any
wheel should be within six clicks of one another. If not, repeat procedure or examine for
damage. Failure to comply may result in damage to equipment.
18. Back-off adjusting screw (6) to obtain 0.020 - 0.040 in. (0.051 - 0.102 cm) clearance between brake
shoe (4) and wheel drum (1).
19. Remove screw (15), lockwasher (16), and brake adjusting tool support from spider (13). Discard
20. Install lockwasher (16) and screw (15) in spider (13).
0055 00-14


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