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TM 9-3418-200-14 & P
The shaper is a machine tool used principally for producing a flat or plane surface which may be in a horizontal, a vertical,
or an angular plane. In addition, the shaper is used to machine odd and irregular shapes which would be difficult to
produce on any other machine.
Shapers are classified in several different ways, for example, the name applied to a given design may indicate the action
of the machine when in operation, the type of driving mechanism, or other constructional features. The type of shaper that
is most commonly used, in machine shops and tool rooms is sometimes known as a COLUMN SHAPER, because of the
vertical column or frame which supports the ram, work table, and driving mechanism. Still another term used to designate
the most common type shaper is the CRANK SHAPER. The name relates to the crank-driving mechanism for the ram.
The shaper is a column shaper of the crank-driven type as shown in figure 1. A single-point cutting tool attached
to a rigid arm called the RAM moves over the work with a reciprocating (alternate forward and backward) motion. The
length of the ram stroke and the number of strokes per minute may be varied as the length of the work and its composition
The size of the shaper is designated by the maximum length of its stroke given inches. The various parts and adjustment
of the shaper are shown in figures 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
THE 7" BENCH SHAPER has the built-in accuracy and versatility for rapid machining on small parts. The stroke rate per
minute is higher than on larger shapers, permitting greater production on work within its capacity. The ease of setting up
work in the bench shaper, its high operating speeds, and the low power consumption of the fractional HP motor, keep
posts to a minimum. It is capable of the most exacting work on parts within its capacity.

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