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TM 9-4910-641-14&P
TACHMENT: To grind valve butt, hold valve firmly on V-rest against
grinding wheel and rotate valve.  FORD VALVE LIFTERS: Can be ground
as are the valve butts employing the V-rest.
DRESSING BUTT GRINDING WHEEL: Diamond dresser is posi-
tioned on stud located on side of V-block.  Diamond point must not be
above centerline between stud and face of wheel so that if diamond catches,
point swings away from wheel, not into wheel. Diamond is fed into wheel
with micrometer feed nut. Dressing is accomplished by oscillating diamond
across face of wheel. Wheel should be dressed dry.
depth gauge which
is a part of the micrometer butt grinding attachment is designed in a single
unit to serve both Model 60 and larger V-8 engines. It is comprised of a
steel shaft, an adjusting valve seat head, and two steel bushings sized to
fit 60 and V-8 engine valve guides.
Use depth gauge to check length of valve, by inserting gauge using
end holding bushing that fits into valve guide hole to serve as valve guide.
With cam shaft and valve lifter in lowest position, and valve seat ground,
lower steel shaft on gauge to touch valve lifter. Set adjustable head against
valve seat obtaining valve length, and screw adjustable head screw tight.
Remove depth gauge, and place in butt grinder attachment as if valve to
be ground. Set the butt end of the gauge so that it just touches highest
point on wheel, and bring valve head fork into support position for the
adjustable head on the depth gauge and tighten in place. Mark micrometer
setting back off, removing depth gauge.  Place valve to be ground in butt
grinder, supporting valve head against valve head fork. Start wheel and
feed valve into wheel by taking up on micrometer nut to marked position
plus number of thousandths required for clearance. Repeat procedure for
each valve to be ground.
ROCKER ARM GRINDING:  The  universal  (cone-type)  rocker  arm
grinding attachment through its popularity has been made standard equip-
valve refacer. With two cones - the rocker arm
ment with the
is held firmly between the two angle surfaces.
To use, mount the rocker arm attachment on forward stud on the
table. Slip the top cone from attachment pin, and place rocker arm to be
ground `on pin, seating lower cone, replace top cone and tighten lock screw.
Adjust the rocker arm to be ground to the wheel in such a way that the
correct radius is obtained when the top table is traversed back and forth
a short distance.  Start machine and grind by moving table back and forth
while holding rocker arm lightly against wheel. DO NOT REMOVE more
than enough stock to clean up any pits or flat spots to avoid grinding off
too much of the hard case.

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