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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
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WARRANTY - Continued
12. Storage/Shipment/Handling.
a. Storage. Not applicable.
b. Shipment. See paragraphs 5.c, 8.b, 8.c, 9.c and 9.d.
c. Handling. See paragraphs 5.c, 8.b, 8.c, 9.c and 9.d.
Contract Number DAAE07-03-C-S023 FMTV Serial Numbers 200001
through 299999. See Section I for Serial Numbers up to 099999.
1. General. This Section provides implementation instructions for the Warranty on the FMTV trailers, serial
numbers 200001 through 299999, manufactured under contract DAAE07-03-C-S023. It contains instructions
for obtaining services and/or supplies covered under warranty. This Section also describes methods of
processing warranty claims. For additional information on the FMTV or any U.S. Army Tank-automotive and
Armaments Command (TACOM) equipment, contact your local Warranty Control Office/Officer (WARCO) or
TACOM Logistics Assistance Representative (LAR). If your WARCO or TACOM LAR is not available or if
additional information is required, contact TACOM. The number to call is DSN 786-8081, COMMERCIAL (810)
574-8081. The caller should be prepared to provide: (1) name, (2) DSN and commercial telephone numbers,
(3) complete unit designation, (4) identification of the equipment, to include the serial number(s), (5) a brief
description of the problem, and (6) the contract number (see paragraph 3).
2. Explanation of Terms.
Abuse. The improper use, maintenance, repair, or handling of warranted items that may cause the
warranty of those items to become void, for example, not following service intervals, using the equipment
for other than what is intended.
Acceptance. The execution of the Acceptance Block and signing of DD Form 250, by the authorized
Government representative.
Acceptance Date. The date an item of equipment is accepted into the Army's inventory by the execution
of the Acceptance Block and signing of a DD Form 250 or, in case of Material and Workmanship Warranty,
date of hand off as evidenced by the user's hand receipt or property book.
Contractor. The supplier of equipment who enters into an agreement directly with the Government to
furnish supplies.
Correction. The elimination of a defect.
Defect. Any condition or characteristic in supplies furnished by the Contractor that does not function as
Pass-Through Warranty. A vendor's (Michelin) commercial warranty that provides warranty coverage.
Failure. A part, component, or end item that fails to perform its intended use.
Owning Unit. The Army Unit authorized to operate, maintain, and use the equipment.
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