Quantcast AXLE ASSEMBLY - TM-9-2330-394-13-P0057

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TM 9-2330-394-13&P
The trailer suspension assembly includes the axle and spring assemblies. The suspension assembly
supports the trailer and its cargo and provides an efficient, safe ride by transmitting shock and torque
from the wheels to the frame.
The trailer axle is a non-powered axle, able to support the trailer but not transmit power (the axle does
not have gears to transmit power from a vehicle's engine and transmission). The axle assembly includes
a tubular axle beam, wedge-actuated service brakes, spring-actuated emergency brakes, wheel-end
components such as bearings and hubs, and a stabilizer bar to stabilize the trailer during turns. The
LMTVT is equipped with a single axle. The MTVT has two axles. Other than a unique bracket on the
MTVT, the axle design is identical on the LMTVT and MTVT.
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